Why have a pre-consultation questionnaire?

Having a questionnaire on your website with all the details you need to know about prospective wedding clients is very useful because it means the consultation itself can take less time, you can have more tailored solutions ready for your clients to look at during the consultation, and it helps weed out time-wasters who are just shopping around for the cheapest deal they can find.

The service we provide

The questionnaire we provide is comprehensive, asking for all the details we think are needed to get a clear idea of what kind of wedding prospective clients are looking for. It includes numbers of each type of bridal party member as well as asking for details of ceremony, reception, budget, and more.

The questionnaire

View the questionnaire in the video below.

Can I change the questionnaire?

Sure, no problem. The questionnaire is ready to go as it is, however we can adjust it as you wish - simply select the bespoke option below. 

This enables you to alter text and design options, or change the font (with over twenty five fonts to choose from) or your exact colours to match your branding. 

Buying & receiving the questionnaire

After you have clicked on a link above and completed the purchase of your chosen 'Wedding Pre-Consultation Questionnaire' you will be redirected to a 'successful purchase' page.

If you have opted for the basic questionnaire you do not need to do anything else - we will email you soon.

If you have opted for the bespoke service, please fill in the form you are redirected to with the changes you would like. This page fully explains and illustrates the many ways you can customise your questionnaire and gives you ample opportunity to give us your instructions for the changes you would like to be made. Following the submission of these details we will soon be in touch.

Adding the form onto your website is a very simple and speedy process for you or your web developer. We will email you the full details of how to do this. If you would like to know more now, please contact us.

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Basic Form

Bespoke Form

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* Form cost is per annum, ensuring your details are always up-to-date and exactly how you want them, making any adjustments you may wish each year when the new payment is made.


We'd love to hear your feedback once we've created your wedding pre-consultation questionaire, so please let us know.