The difference goal setting makes in moving a company forward is enormous, the possibilities become limitless. It’s beyond exciting when you can see your plans come to life, you strive to accomplish more, your ideas and your company develop just how you want to want them to!

Perhaps you’re reading this thinking, ‘yes, I’ve heard about the wonders of goal setting and have things I want to have happen’, but getting it from the idea stage into action, let alone completed, seems impossible for a myriad of reasons!

Perhaps you know what you want to achieve but just don’t know how to go about it? Does the task seem huge? Perhaps you just don’t seem to have the time to get what you want to get done, done! Maybe it’s a lack of motivation that’s stopping you – or perhaps you don’t know what the heck is preventing you from moving forward with your plans or getting things done, or at least not at the pace you’d like!

Maybe you’re a very organised person and constantly make lists. You achieve your tasks every day, but long-term goals seem to elude you.

We understand and can help! Together we’ll create a strategic plan on how to go about tackling your goals. We have fantastic, proven techniques to ensure you’re able to carry out your goals we plan together. What’s more, following the workshop you’ll have all the tools to set your goals going forward and ACHIEVE them.

Once you’re setting and achieving goals regularly, you’ll make real strides, you’ll be making changes at a great rate and seeing the results you desire. We look forward to helping you achieve this.


Our workshops generally take between 4 – 6 hours. We know just how busy you are – taking the step of booking us to help you work on your business this way shows great commitment from you, so we ensure every minute is rewarded.

We will come to you, either to your workplace or another location more suitable for us to get down to business. This isn’t just a day to chat, get ready to act!

During the day we’ll also tackle how you can guarantee that you’ll continue and take the necessary action in your business.

Get ready to take your business forward! This will be an enjoyable, energised day that is not for the fainthearted. We’ll lead the workshop but we’ll all be working!


The cost of the day is £499.99

This includes the workshop and all related expenses (travel, meals, handouts etc.)


We are fully committed to you and your business and will do our utmost to guarantee the workshop boosts your business. However, only you and your team can ensure any necessary action continues to take place! We will never doubt your commitment, but please ask yourself if you are ready to step up and continue the work that results from the workshop.


To find out more information or book a workshop, simply add in your details below and we'll be in touch. Once you’ve booked it, we will send you a questionnaire to get an idea of where we need to personalise your workshop so you get the most out of it.