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The Employment Pack

This pack includes a straightforward contract of employment and a comprehensive Employee Handbook. 

Both documents will be made unique to your business so they reflect your current policies and procedures - whilst also filling in any gaps which might currently exist that you may not be aware of.

Why do I need one?

Even if you don’t have a written contract of employment with your staff, there are certain things which have been agreed - things like where they work, how much they’re paid, and how much holiday they are entitled to. 

The problem with having an unwritten contract of employment is that there’s nowhere to check if the employee or employer has an unusual situation to deal with and they disagree on what the procedure should be. 

As the employer, you are generally more likely to be ruled against if an employee takes you to an employment tribunal if you don’t have a written contract.

Also, in any case, it’s no longer legal to only have a verbal contract of employment for new staff. You are also required to provide staff with what’s called a ‘Written Statement of Employment Particulars’.

This covers about a dozen different things and must by law be given to a new member of staff on their first day working for you. 

The easiest way of ticking off what’s required, and covering both employer and employee, is by giving them a written contract of employment and an Employee Handbook.

With our Employment Pack, we provide both these items. 

One unexpected benefit our previous customers have found with buying this pack is that the handbook is so comprehensive (at 50 pages!) that it gives them lots of small points to consider. From how much of a staff discount to offer (and on what items), through how to deal with someone being called for jury duty, to what to do about lost property and staff working outside of your business or setting up in competition with you.

As always, thinking about how to deal with a situation in advance of it happening is the best way to be prepared, and that's something you wouldn't necessarily expect to get from buying this pack!

The cost of the service


This will give you a full pack that you can use for all your staff within your business, both for existing and new staff. 

Following your purchase, we’ll organise a call with you to go through your existing procedures. Then we'll create your bespoke contract of employment template and Employee Handbook, both of which will be emailed to you as both Microsoft Word and PDF files, for you to pass onto your existing staff. 

We'll also deal with creating individual contracts for each of your existing staff (up to ten maximum - if you have more just ask us for a price for all your staff!).

Of course, the contracts we provide will be fully compliant with the latest HR and employment legislation in force at the time. However, if you want to make sure your contracts stay current, or if you want us to deal with creating contracts for any new staff you employ after you've bought this pack, why not take a look at becoming a member of our HR Help and Resources service

For one low monthly amount, with no minimum contract commitment from you, we'll always advise you when anything needs changing, and take care of keeping you up to date. We'll also be able to help if you have any staffing situations you're not sure how to handle, and you can get our fortnightly blogs covering a range of helpful topics!

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If you have any queries please don't hesitate to get in touch, we'd be happy to help.