This workshop is for the business owners who not only want to improve their businesses, but crucially aren’t afraid to face the facts about how customers perceive their company and their experiences.

We will do an in-depth study into many elements of your company, employing techniques to experience first-hand how your customers experience your company, its products and your service.

Whilst identifying your current situation is crucial, it’s only part of the workshop. Together we’ll look at everyday changes that can be made to elevate your company - often small, simple changes that can make a huge difference.

Working on receiving regular customer reviews is another large part of the workshop, together we will identify how best to collect and harness customer reviews to your benefit.

Utilising simple reinforcement techniques with your clients on an everyday basis is an often overlooked area. We will see how best to easily and naturally incorporate this within your routine and how it will help.


Our workshops generally take between 4 – 6 hours. We know just how busy you are – taking the step of booking us to help you work on your business this way shows great commitment from you, so we ensure every minute is rewarded.

We will come to you, either to your workplace or another location more suitable for us to get down to business. This isn’t just a day to chat, get ready to act!

During the day we’ll also tackle how you can guarantee that you’ll continue and take the necessary action in your business.

Get ready to take your business forward! This will be an enjoyable, energised day that is not for the fainthearted. We’ll lead the workshop but we’ll all be working!


The cost of the day is £499.99

This includes the workshop and all related expenses (travel, meals, handouts etc.)


We are fully committed to you and your business and will do our utmost to guarantee the workshop boosts your business. However, only you and your team can ensure any necessary action continues to take place! We will never doubt your commitment, but please ask yourself if you are ready to step up and continue the work that results from the workshop.


To find out more information or book a workshop, simply add in your details below and we'll be in touch. Once you’ve booked it, we will send you a questionnaire to get an idea of where we need to personalise your workshop so you get the most out of it.