Why use a Chatbot anyway?

A Chatbot is an extra member of staff that’s happy to work 24/7, every day of the year. It never takes a holiday, is never sick and doesn’t ever need paying!

The advantages of a Chatbot are endless - here are just a few of them:

  • Saves time
  • Instantly answers all messages
  • Gives correct answers to customer queries every time
  • Enables customers to get information 24/7
  • Incredible ROI (Return On Investment) - and that’s only the investment of your time!
  • Outstanding engagement levels
  • Customers interact and shop at their own pace in a relaxed manner
  • Share product images and promotions with direct links to buy
  • Link to any URL, whether on your websites or others
  • Clients can download documents directly
  • Grow your email marketing list with simple opt-in possibilities

The service we provide

We can put your Chatbot together however you want, although we can guide you through the process if you prefer.

We will create for you:

  • Your main flow (your welcome message, that covers most enquiries that your business may receive, along with the options to offer help and answers).
  • A simple Greetings Message
  • A simple Default Message

Your flow can include:

  • Up to 20 cards (the boxed sections that include messages within the flow) and within that flow and cards we can create up to 60 of the items you can enable your flow and cards to do:
    • Text bubbles
    • Buttons and Quick replies
    • Add an image
    • Add a gallery
    • Add a video
    • Add a file
    • Tags

The cost of the service

This service costs £99.99 for the normal package outlined above, which should cover most companies' requirements.

CLICK HERE for FleuraMetz discounted rates.

Once you have purchased the service we will forward you to a page to fill in a form. This enables us to gather the information we need to begin creating your chatbot, your newest staff member!

If you want us to create a more elaborate Chatbot with more cards or items, just ask us about this and our additional pricing structure!


A happy customer for whom we created a Chatbot said, "Thank you guys so much, you were awesome!".

We'd love to hear your feedback once we've created your Chatbot, so please let us know.


Photo by Elevate on Unsplash