The Staff Appraisal Pack

This pack includes comprehensive documents to ensure appraisals are constructive and have a positive outcome. 

It easily enables a record of all areas of the appraisal and gives opportunity for clear goals to be set. 

It's an overall excellent record of all the details you'll need and the staff member's Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Why should I do staff appraisals?

With the right preparation, a formal appraisal process can have a huge impact on the success of your business as it has a direct link to your company’s productivity and how motivated and satisfied your employees are. 

Despite  the fact that staff appraisals can be hugely beneficial to both employers and employees alike, they are often an area that small businesses shy away from.

It’s difficult when you're juggling so many jobs as an owner of a small company, so why would you undertake a formal performance review?

For more information take a look at 'Is this for me?' below. 

The cost of the service


This will give you a full pack that you can use for all your staff appraisals within your business, both now and in the future. 

Following your purchase we'll ask you a couple of questions to ensure you have a pack that is personalised and perfect for your business.

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Is this for me?

Staff appraisals are generally undervalued and underutilised, not just by employers but by employees too. We are very mindful of this and have created our pack to get the very best information from both parties.

If you're still not sure if your company or small team needs to embark on appraisals, consider the benefits:

Make your staff feel valued

The formal appraisal is a great opportunity to give your employees sincere praise and recognition. Whilst it’s important for your team to feel appreciated, this is also the opportunity to discuss areas they should focus on strengthening.

Letting them know you are aware of the good work that they’re doing in a one-to-one environment will help you to retain your best hard-working staff. 

Getting you all on the same page - setting new goals and reaching targets!

The appraisal is a useful occasion to set achievable goals and targets which could be as simple as increasing the average order value. Whilst you may think this may not be welcome, the opposite is often the case. The most productive employees are those who are constantly driven, challenging employees helps to motivate and empower them.  It’s a great time to make sure that everyone is aware of the company vision too. It’s important that everyone understands and shares the values and mission of the company – that you’re all singing from the same hymn sheet.

Strengthening relationships with staff & resolving niggles

The appraisal is an opportunity for a good chat (as well as the formal review process), it’s an excellent chance to connect with your team, identifying areas of particular interest within the business. Also within the day-to-day work it’s easy to overlook brewing niggles. The appraisal is a great time to address any concerns you or they may have before they develop into disputes or unwelcome situations. 

Identifying training and employees' abilities

The appraisal process allows both employer and employee to look at how they’re doing in every area of their work. It highlights areas of weaknesses and identifies areas where extra training and support needs to be given. If members of the team have inflated ideas of their own abilities, this is the perfect time for an assessment in an appropriate manner, sensitively bringing them down to earth.

Looking to the future is also important, how do you see them developing? What are their ambitions? The appraisal is THE TIME to speak to them about their personal growth as well as the common goal to make the business more productive. Good communication and sharing aspirations are great ways to make the business ultimately more successful!

Dealing with poor performance

Without going through the process of staff appraisals, you won't have a leg to stand on if you decide to get rid of poor-performing staff. With a properly-documented appraisals procedure in place, you can show to any potential employment tribunal the steps you went through with the staff member to help them improve their performance.

Next steps

If you’re ready to implement staff appraisals within your business, look no further.

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