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Why do I need to take this course?

So, you’ve got an idea for a business. Perhaps you’re fed up of working for someone else and want to become your own boss. Maybe you just want more flexibility in your work and you figure the only way you’re going to get it is by going it alone. Maybe you’ve already got a side-hustle and it’s starting to pick up steam, so you want to make it a full-time thing, or you’re making over £1,000 of income from it and therefore legally have to set up a business.

There’s just one problem. How on earth do you get started setting a business up? Aren’t there a million things you need to know, and aren’t there huge penalties and legal problems if you mess up?

That’s precisely why we wrote this course. Over 400,000 new businesses are set up in the UK each year. Imagine how many more people would be confident taking the plunge if they had just one place they could look for all the information they need to set up their new dream.

We’ll cover each step of setting up a business, but much more importantly, we’ll explain what each option means for you as the owner, both immediately and down the road. This is important because some differences won’t become apparent until a few months after you’ve launched. We pride ourselves on explaining things simply and you don’t need any prior business knowledge to take this course (or any of our others!).

It’s a lot of information for not a lot of money, but we will take the opportunity to point out where we have other courses or products and services which will help you later on in your business journey – after all, we’re here to help small businesses thrive, and that can’t all be done in just one course!

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Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • What's in a name?

    • How to actually set up your business

    • Do you need an accountant?

    • GDPR and the ICO

    • Learn from everywhere

  2. 3
    • Renting premises

    • The property class system

    • Business insurance

    • Staffing

    • Working from home

    • Taking payment

  3. 4
    • A quick note on the tax year

    • Pricing

    • Bank accounts

    • VAT

    • Tax

    • Paying yourself

  4. 5
    • Branding

    • Online setup

    • Qualifications and memberships

    • Marketing

  5. 6
    • Business plan

    • Future planning

    • Paperwork and records

  6. 7
    • Conclusion