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Why do I need to take this course?

Do you get the most out of your webshop? Perhaps the question should be, do you know how to get the most out of your webshop? In truth the answer is probably no! 

Why would you? You’re a business owner, you have to wear too many hats already! We get it, but with a bit of knowledge and some simple changes your online shop could be taken to a whole new level. 

The truth is you could have the most visually appealing website, you could have hundreds of products, but without implementing certain actions you may not get the most out of your efforts. Worse still, your work could be futile. 

Don’t panic, we know you’re not tech experts, let us be clear we have written this course especially for people like you. We at SmallBizAssist have had you on our minds throughout the creation of this course.

As with all our courses, we explain everything clearly and simply. We’ll demystify the techy talk and share the essential knowledge to make users, and Google, fans of your website. You don’t need to have any previous knowledge to take this course, you don't even need to have a website yet, that’s fine too.

We know many of you will use websites created by Wordpress or e-commerce software. Be in no doubt this course will still help you. This course will still be invaluable sharing so much knowledge that you can take advantage of.

You can take this online course anytime that suits you, on any device. Another great advantage is there is no expiry date so you can use it as a constant source of reference. You can even ask employees to use it – buying it allows as many people from your company as you want to take the course.

What are you waiting for? Buy this course now and start opening your eyes to a whole new way of looking at your website and see the changes you can make to it that will benefit your business greatly! 

Remember, you can take a sneaky peek at the course to find out more too. Simply hit the button at the top of the page next to the buy button. 😉 

As we work closely with many floristry businesses, we have created a specific course for the florist industry. Click  'Improve your florist webshop's visibility' to learn more.


  1. 2
    • Purpose and power

    • Same difference

    • Lots of info & much to implement

  2. 3
    • Search engine optimisation

    • Write for your buyers, not bots

    • Metadata

    • Keywords

  3. 4
    • Product name

    • Page title tag

    • H1 header

    • Selecting the name | title | header

    • Best practice for SEO

    • An awesome tool!

  4. 5
    • URLs

    • Best for humans and bots!

    • Are URLs important for SEO?

    • URL top tips

    • Understanding URL structure

  5. 6
    • Description

    • Copy on the page

    • How to write great product descriptions

    • Features vs. benefits

    • Essential information

    • The psychology of product descriptions

    • Length of product description

    • Using links

    • Putting it all into practice

    • Getting started

    • Non-gift items

    • What not to write!

  6. 7
    • Meta descriptions

    • Meta descriptions and SEO

    • Optimal meta description length

    • Meta description keywords and bold text

    • Make your meta description unique

    • What happens if you don’t write a meta tag?

    • Social media and meta tags

    • Search engines not using your meta description

    • Putting it into practice

    • How does that look?

  7. 8
    • The importance of images

    • Styling the images

    • How many images should you use?

    • Image optimisation

    • Great free tools

    • Other aesthetic considerations

  8. 9
    • Image file names – best practice

    • When (and if) to change your image names

    • Alt text

    • What to focus on

    • Image captions

  9. 10
    • Are videos for you?

  10. 11
    • Generate confidence in your product

    • Prioritise usability

    • Optimise add-ons

  11. 12
    • Product categories

    • How do categories work?

    • Product URLs

    • Best URL structure

  12. 13
    • Search engine analytics

    • The importance of updating

    • Caution is required!

    • Think mobile

  13. 14
    • Conclusion

    • Before you go...