The painful truth is, if nothing changes, you’ll never have more free time or make more money, and that's before considering the toughest 18 months any small business has ever faced. We’ve worked in and with small businesses and want to share our expert knowledge with you. Are you ready to take the leap so you can achieve the successes that our existing clients do?


We share our expertise in five affordable ways:

     Online CoursesProducts and ServicesHR Help and ResourcesOnsite WorkshopsOne-2-One Coachsultancy


The success stories and changes we’ve helped create are nothing short of remarkable. No areas of the business are off limits: whichever way you work with us, you will see improvements, and often amazing results.

  • Tanith F

    The SmallBizAssist team understood my needs as a small business and negotiate the minefield of paperwork and other admin relating to staff, holidays and running my business more efficiently. Alex turned my admin headache into a calm action plan allowing me to concentrate on putting money in my till. The online courses make complicated regulations easy to understand. Fantastic service from a fabulous buisness!

  • Sandra G

    Working with Smallbizassist is helping me so much with my business. They’ve looked at lots of different areas in my business and suggested improvements, new ways of working ,and cutting costs. What ever questions I have ,they’re able to help me and my shop is now running so much more efficiently because of their guidance. I even have time to sit down for breakfast with my husband every day now! The ongoing cost of the coachsultancy is well worth every penny and I’d highly recommend them to any business. I’ve already extended the contract with them because I don’t want to stop having them advising me yet – even after over 50 years in business you never stop learning!

  • Alison S

    Where do I start, they have been a power of support and beneficial knowledge in every aspect of my business since lockdown, covering furlough, maternity leave, and fab information on accounts. Tracey has a very calm personality and up beat way of taking the strain away when I had no idea what to do next. I would not hesitate to recommend any of the services they provides. Thank you so much for all your support.

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We promise to:

  • Listen to you and not just talk at you

  • Help you gain clarity on your current situation

  • Unlock the full potential of you and your existing business

  • Assist you to change your business for the better

  • Support you beyond the changes to keep your business thriving

  • Not charge the earth for our services

Our Core Purpose:

  • Enabling small businesses to thrive

SmallBizAssist's Core Values:

  • Clarity throughout

  • Inspiring improvement

  • Empowerment through knowledge

  • Respect and integrity